Thorns of the Rose SNK/AOT RolePlaying (RECRUITING)

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Thorns of the Rose SNK/AOT RolePlaying (RECRUITING)

Postby Simantov » Fri Apr 11, 2014 6:53 pm

Thorns of the Rose is an Attack on Titan Roleplaying group currently in growth.
It uses several media to develop itself, including the AOTTG created by Feng.
We are looking for players from all timezones that had some experience with
text-rp and want to participate in an adventure taking place on the SnK universe.

We also encourage female roleplayers to join for the sake of diversity and inclusion.

Sinopsis: "4 years ago, the district of Shingashina was breaked and the outtermost defense of Humanity
again the man-eating titans fell. Wall Maria was breached and its territory lost. Hunger and death followed.
You are a recruit on the 109th Trainee corps. You have sent to a camp within Wall Sina, near a village called Steinburg.
There, you'll be trained under the orders of Commander B. Alvin, who once took part in the operation of recovering the land
lost. You'll grinded until you are a weapon aimed to the necks of the enemy... if you survive."

Some guidelines and warnings:

-The story takes place roughly 2 years before the events on Trost

-You can be whoever you want as long as you are an original character. Be creative. Don't stay with convecional archetypes.

-You get your character backstory developed in their own "Side Quest", mostly focused on their characters.

-We take newcomers to RP if they are willing to learn and eager to make friends.

-This is as grim as the manga itself. Isayama's limit as a Shōnen writer are off here.

-Players from all ages starting on 15 years old. There will be 18+ situations but they'll be pointed out and restricted if necessary.

-This is not a romance, relationship, roleplay, even if something similar can happen. It's not aimed that way. (Remember what happened to the only couple ever in the manga? Yes they... "splitted")

-Gore. Yes there is going to be. Like we said before, all restrictions of a Shōnen are lifted. What Isayama can't show will be shown, so prepare your barf bags.

-The series main characters are present, but they aren't your friends, old flames or missing brothers at best you came from the same village.

-No titan shifters amongst the trainees. (Yet. Still, none of them know about it. So far the only shifter on humanity's side is Eren Yeager)

-We are all friends since the beginning. New friends are welcomed, but no drama or personal issues must be brought forward between players (Of the RP or our servers). You got beef? Solved, Deal with it or just don't join. Sorry.

-RESPECT.(Not the less important aspect.)

-No Godmodding. All basic text-RP rules apply.

-For the Tribute game aspect we mainly use Evolve since is not as limited as hamachi and posesses voice support.

If you wish to join, you might begin developing your characters following this structure "sheet".

Name: -----|
Age:-------| Obvious Data. (Remember it's european centered when choosing the name. Don't fall into the Mikasa cliché unless is mandatory for your char.)
Place of Origin: -----> (Any place WITHIN the walls. If you are from Wall Maria but not Shingashina, try just to set where you live near the unamed districts by the cardinal position.)
Studies:---------------> (What your character studied formal or informally before joining.)
Previous Occupation: ----> (What your character did to survive before joining)
Pet Peeves:---------------> (Things that make your character angry, what he hates)
Weaknesses:-------------------> (Flaws, conditions, phobias, etc)
Traits:--------------------------> (Characteristics that it posesses)
Abilities:------------------------->(What can he do, what is good at.)


Name: Victor Summers
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Place of Origin: Karanese distric (Wall Rose)
Studies: Cartography and spelunky.*
Previous Occupation: Hunter, explorer.**
Pet Peeves: Hates people that hoard food. The military police.
Weaknesses: Careless. Fears of Dark.
Traits: Blonde hair. Slim. Short height.
Abilties: Orientation, survivalism.

Also, you can start making the looks of your character here:

Contact me via PM if interested or for any other questions.
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Re: Thorns of the Rose RP (RECRUITING)

Postby Accelevi » Sat Apr 12, 2014 2:36 am

Moved to correct place.

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Re: Thorns of the Rose RP (RECRUITING)

Postby Simantov » Sat Apr 12, 2014 6:20 am

Add wrote:Moved to correct place.

Thanks Add. I was actually having a hard time deciding where to put it.

Re: Thorns of the Rose RP (RECRUITING)

Postby zheopotato » Sat Apr 12, 2014 2:14 pm

so has anyone contacted you yet
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Re: Thorns of the Rose RP (RECRUITING)

Postby Accelevi » Sat Apr 12, 2014 2:46 pm

Um, there's no "hard time".
OOC is for planning and getting everyone ready, like this.
IC/RP is ONLY for the actual RP posts.

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