The Land of the Gifted (OOC)

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Re: The Land of the Gifted (OOC)

Postby Strongwill » Sat Apr 19, 2014 5:41 pm

What kind of villain do you want? >)


Re: The Land of the Gifted (OOC)

Postby The Sketcher » Sat Apr 19, 2014 5:47 pm

Strongwill wrote:What kind of villain do you want? >)

The villains will come later. Right now, no villain characters.
The Sketcher

Re: The Land of the Gifted (OOC)

Postby Strongwill » Sun Apr 20, 2014 5:25 pm

Strongwill wrote:COUNT ME INNNNNNN

Noble Family Member Application: (may only have one

Name: Valdis Armstrong

Age (between 14-20): 18

Gender (Male or Female): Female

Equipment (weapons etc.): A heavy cutlass. Wears a light
plate armor and a shoulder cape. Her left arm guard is
customized so it was big enough to function as a small
shield as well

Ancestral Powers (Must be unique and powerful): Nullifying
- Capable of nullifying magical properties and power
-Trigger: (can be anything) Opening her eye patch. Her right
eye will become bloody red which signifies that the her
power have been successfully triggered
-Maximum length of use: 60 minute
-Length of time needed to reuse it:
-Consequence of use: In the first 20 minute of usage, she
will still be fine. 30 minute, and she will started to get
dizzy. 40 minute, she will get nosebleed and the pain in her
head started to become unbearable. 50 minute, she started
coughing blood. 60 minute, she will either drop
unconscious or die because of blood loss

Description (can be a picture): Suffer from heterochromia
iridum. Her right eye is red and her left one is black. She
have a ash black hair, rather long and she always braid a
small section of her hair. Tall (173 cm), and rather muscular
for a woman. Wears a dark blue colored eye patch to cover
her right eye.

Personality (must give at least an idea of the character's
personality): She understand that she can only fight for a
limited amount of time, and it was a rather short one. She
would try to avoid direct confrontation, and will only use
her power as a last resort. A sly and manipulative woman,
yet ironically a honest and loyal person. Cold blooded killer,
she only have a handful of person whom she cared about.
The type of person who's willing to stab someone in their
back, and telling the truth and lies altogether. A charismatic

Backstory (must be thoroughly written): Born in the noble
family of Armstrong, who wanted a boy to become the next
heir. Her mother died giving birth of her, and her father have
made promise to her not to marry anyone else when she
died. Dirk Amstrong decided to raise his only children as a
boy, as someone who can be the next heir of Armstrong
even thought she was a girl. Because of this, Valdis never
really get along with the other noble, as not many noble gets
impressed by her tomboyish attitude and the fact that she
attend royal events in armor instead of a royal dress.

1) A skilled sword fighter
2) Fast reaction speed, but hand to hand combat is not
really her thing

Here it is~

Re: The Land of the Gifted (OOC)

Postby The Sketcher » Sun Apr 20, 2014 6:10 pm

Accepted! :D
The Sketcher

Re: The Land of the Gifted (OOC)

Postby BlitzNeko » Sun Apr 20, 2014 11:01 pm

Agni Gunner
Regular Human Application:
Name: Agni Gunner

Age 17

Gender Male

Equipment: Dual scimitars. Wears light armor. Only to the end of his limbs and legs. He also has shoulder pads. He wears a grey cape.

Powers: Fire

-Trigger: Causing friction with his swords to create fire

-Maximum length of use: 30 minutes

-Length of time needed to reuse it: 10 minutes if the power lasted 5 minutes and 20 minutes if the power lasted for 10 minutes

-Consequence of use: Burns on his hands which gradually starts from his palms to the rest of his arms and gets much more painful if he keeps on using it.

Extra power - Steam Control

Trigger – contact with his sister’s water powers

Consequence – Exchanges the consequence with his sister, fatigue will take a toll on his body

Description ... aperan.png

Personality : Hot-head. He doesn’t think of his actions and just goes for it. He’s also very protective when it comes to his sister.

Backstory:Despite the difference between Agni and Nixie, they were born with a broken father. Their mother died right when Nixie was born, which caused depression to the father. The father still had debts to pay so he was desperate and foolish enough to sell his children as slaves. Fortunately for them, the one who bought them was a good man. He took them and grew them well as if they were his children. Unfotunately, the man didn't had a short life span, resulting on a early death. Once again the two siblings were alone, but they gained enough knowledge to enroll fighting schools. After years of praticing, they realized that they had powers. The brother possessed fire while the sister possessed water. Together they learned their powers and practiced hard. As they finished, they decided to become mercenaries since they knew that they had no chance to live a proper life. They started traveling around cities and accepting jobs, fulfilling their missions and being paid well as a result. After a long time, the two became quite popular thorughout cities and were given names to them. Most famous one would be "The Elemental Sibiings" (I'm too lazy to invent a good title xD)

Other:Travels occasionally as a mercernary with his sister as his wing
Very good with martial arts and close quarter combats

Nixie Gunner
Regular Human Application:
Name: Nixie Gunner

Age 15

Gender Female

Equipment: Crossbow with a small quiver strapped on her back. Has different variations of cloaks to act as a camouflage. Particular useful for ambush and assassinations.

Powers: Controlling water

-Trigger: Touching water. She can also control any water in the vicinity. She can also control only one liter of water

-Maximum length of use: 30 minutes

-Length of time needed to reuse it: 10 minutes if the power lasted 5 minutes and 20 minutes if the power lasted for 10 minutes

-Consequence of use: Fatigue which will increase every time she activates her power consecutively

Extra power - Steam Control

Trigger – contact with her brother’s fire

Consequence – Exchanges the consequence with her brother, resulting to burned scars on her palms.

Duration: 10-15 minutes.

Description ... 0_full.png

Personality Unlike her brother, she’s careful and level-headed. Although she can be rebellious against her bigger brother

Other: She competent with a sword as well. Just in case she runs into close quarters
She can be an really good assassin if she gets paid.
Travels with her brother to live a life of a mercenary

You said we can ahve two powers for teh regular applications
So i decided to join the two's power to make one more :I
I don't know if it's okay for you

Re: The Land of the Gifted (OOC)

Postby The Sketcher » Mon Apr 21, 2014 12:49 pm

Both apps ACCEPTED
The Sketcher

Re: The Land of the Gifted (OOC)

Postby BlitzNeko » Mon Apr 21, 2014 1:01 pm

heeeeeyy,, ooraaaah \o/


Re: The Land of the Gifted (OOC)

Postby The Sketcher » Tue Apr 22, 2014 10:40 am

We still need a couple more people... Anyone else?
The Sketcher

Re: The Land of the Gifted (OOC)

Postby IG_42 » Mon Apr 28, 2014 12:32 am

Here comes that one half/a bit of a couple more!
Regular Human Application:
Name: Alwyn Daniels
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Equipment: Halberd, dagger, light plate armour

Power: Blood Manipulation (his own only)
-Trigger: Bleeding himself
-Maximum length of use: Loss of focus due to bleeding
-Length of time needed to reuse it: 1 hour
-Consequence of use: Blood will not clot unless healed by secondary power, use before fully recovered worsens effects

Secondary Power: Healing
-Trigger: Consuming blood of healing target
-Maximum length of use: 5 minutes
-Length of time needed to reuse it: 4 hours
-Consequence of use: Uses internal water of subject and/or himself causing significant dehydration

Description: 188 cm tall, suffers from (partial) albinism, red eye colour, dyes hair brown, medium length curly hair, slightly skinny body
Personality: Upbeat attitude despite his power being based on cutting himself, as a result has a much more casual attitude to personal injury and violence than average.
Backstory: Born and raised in a farming village well outside Arcanus, one too small to have any guild presence his power manifested at age 9 when he inadvertently cut his hand on piece of glass. The uncontrolled bleeding led his parents to take him to the city in search for an explanation, it was several weeks until a member of the Steel Guardians took notice and another month until his secondary power was discovered. After spending a few months back home he returned to the city and spent the next several years training with the Guardians.

Re: The Land of the Gifted (OOC)

Postby The Sketcher » Thu May 01, 2014 6:30 pm

The Sketcher


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