31st Stohess Garrison - InGame OC RP

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31st Stohess Garrison - InGame OC RP

Postby Terramort » Tue Oct 28, 2014 6:33 pm

Man, what a day to forget your maneuver gear. As the dust settles in front of you vision, you push throw the the crowd made of civilian folk. Nobody seems to know what happened, but it *sounded* as though two Aberrants had somehow gotten into Stohess, and were destroying a large portion of the city until a few minutes ago. Pushing aside an elderly gentleman, you finally round the corner to one of Stohess's many lushes courtyards, befitting it's status as a wealthier district. However, you have no eye for the honey yellow snapdragons today - towering nearly as tall as the nearby suite, a 15 meter class Titan sits on it's knees immobile, the behemoth hand holding what appears to be a large diamond into the ground.

"Everyone, please evacuate this area. This is the Central Military Police, and this area is officially under our jurisdiction now. I repeat, please evacuate the area, or we will forcibly remove you."

As the blaring voice comes over the loudhorn, you turn to leave before the rough looking guys from Central reach you. As you turn to leave, you swear you catch a glimpse of a girl in the diamond - no, that can't be right. It simply had to be a reflection.

"Ah, Cadet."

Lovely. Your Commanding Officer. He only talked to you if he needed something done, and based on his expression, now was no different.

"Cadet, I was going to have Sean deliver this message later, but since I've run into you now - something is happening here in Stohess. Chain of Command has sent word that you specifically from my regiment are to join the 31st Stohess Garrison. You are to pack your things and report to your new HQ by 1700 hours. Now, I have to get word out to various other members of my Squad. Good luck, soldier."

And with a quick salute and a turn, your former Commanding Officer quickly dissolves into the crowd. He never was one for sentiments, anyway.


Welcome to the 31st Stohess Garrison Roleplay! Here I would like to create a game that's driven by story here in the forums, and driven by action in the actual Tribute Game. If you'd like to RP with room to level up, acquire items, and spend money like a D&D campaign, this is the place for you. New characters will start with basic stats, and you increase your skill by playing the game, completing achievements, and RPing here in the forums.

Along with the level-up stat system, a few new things are in this RP as well, such as new specials in the form of RPing, such as First Aid, Glorious Speech, and others. You'll find that Titans are also a bit harder than your normal game, and will take a bit of teamwork to kill, as the host will be using the "RC Mod" in order to require a fair amount of damage to kill each Titan. If you'd like to see the total health of each titan, download Dan's Anti-Cheat mod here: http://aotdan.weebly.com/

The story takes place along side the manga, continuing after the events of the 1st anime season. Main Characters will have cameo appearances, and those who get to play them during their story will be chosen between players will good skills AND players with good roleplays, so everyone has a chance at the fun stuff. Story will continue from game session to game session, to try not miss out on too much (Although recaps of games will be kept in the IC Thread as battle reports). In depth RPing is encouraged, with strategy to battles, solid replies, and general fun-having shenanigans.

Our IC thread is right here, if you want to see what's hip and happening in the story so far! viewtopic.php?f=51&t=8763

If you ever see a server called "31st Wall Garrison Roleplay", that's us!

1. Be respectful. If you have to RP a dick, go for it, but listen to any OC comments warning you to tone it down.
2. Mods are allowed, so long as they aren't abusive, as mentioned by Accelevi here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=8737
3. Any OC Comments are to be kept to double parenthesis ((like this)) to prevent confusion in game.
4. If you are going to play in these maps, follow the RP. If you want to kill Titans and not RP, just go join another game. This is more about strategy and fun then a competition.
5. Unless specifically requested to stop by another player, I am personally fine with foul language IC, so long as it's not directed at players, or excessive. Try not to use it in OCC.
6. Try to join at least 1 in-game RP session a week, so we don't forget who you are. :D
7. Follow the level up rules for your created character. If you are gonna cheat, why are you playing a game like this one?
8. Same goes for in game deaths, specials, etc. etc. You keep track of your own stuff, honor system. Please don't ruin the fun for others.
9. Try to keep everything somewhat mature and open for everyone. If your romantic RP with someone goes a bit far, just take it to PM. Warnings will given before bans for anything going over the line, but try to keep a level head.
10. Try to keep in-forum RP replies to about a paragraph at least.
11. I hate to say this, but no Guests. I've tried, but it's too big a hassle to tell them apart. Use "RC Mod" if you would like to change your name without being forced to sign into Feng's game.

Character Sheet
After being accepted here, go ahead and officially create your character here: viewtopic.php?f=52&t=8751
Home District:
Why you would like to RP with us:

Current Players
Tido (The Rogue Titan)

Regular In-Game Playtimes
Undecided as of yet

Game Mechanics
Much like other RP like games, this one uses Main Stats and substats. The 4 Main Stats control most of your character, and are Strength, Endurance, Agility, and Intelligence. For each skill point you put into a Main Stat, it's relative substat is increased 1-2 points, depending if the Main Stat is increased to an even or odd number (1 for odd, 2 for even). Increasing the Main Stats is the primary way to level up your substats, such as Blade, Speed, etc.

Another new mechanic in the RP is items and money. Item vendors will availble here in the Forum RP, and equipping them increases (and sometimes decreases) substats, and rarely Main Stats. There are 10 equippible slots: Head, Earings, Necklace, Chest, Gauntlents, Gloves, Blades, 3D Belt, Pants, and Footwear. As general rule of thumb, no single piece of gear will add more than 4 positive points (i.e. +10 BLA, -6 SPE).

Also important, you only get 1 set of blades, unless you carry another pair from a special ability or another source. Every 5 points of Endurance allows you to carry an extra set of blades as well.

Finally, the in-game RP will take place much like the Forum RP, only actions will be done in game instead of being described. There is the ability to increase your hit points with enough stats - if you "die" and lose a HP, the time it takes you to reach your death point is your punishment for dying (and chance to talk about your injury). Once you reach near your death location, resume your RP.

Hit Points: You have 1 Hit Point for every 3 points in your Strength stat. 10 minutes in game regenerates 1 HP, and every point in Endurance increases your healing rate by 30 seconds. Losing HP may or may not damage you or your gear, depending on how much damage is done. Being brought to 50% of your max HP damages your gear, allowing you to only use 1 cable until you fix your gear at a station, or have someone with the Spare Parts ability patch up your gear for you. This only happens once each time you reach full health, so going from 2 out of 4 HP to 3, then back to 2 doesn't cause gear breakage - but going from 2 to full health, then taking 2 points of damage does. Upon reaching 0 health, your body is injured and you can only use 1 cable. Being killed again before gaining HP result in Final Death, and you have to start the RP over with a new character. Being Grabbed and Eaten (not just chomped) results in automatic drop to 0 HP, and both gear+body damage. In this situation, or someone with both naturally damaged gear+body, can be carried by another player.

New Specials: The new specials are pretty simple - to use them, just type it in to chat, following the rules of the special. Some can combined with the regular, in-game specials, check out the New Specials section to see what mixes and matches. Many specials have to be unlocked, a new section with Unlockables will be added soon.

Ok, now on to how your character sheet will look - this is up to you to keep track of. If you want to edit your thread here so everyone can see, even better.
Character Page:

Thorin Olsenia: Squad Leader
2 HP (+1 per 3 Str)
2 End 78 Speed (75 base + 3 total for End)
3 Str 85 Blade (+ 4 total for Str, +6 from items)
2 Int 78 Gas (+3 total for Int)
1 Agi 76 Air Spd (+1 for 1 Agi)
Current Special: Glorious Speech w/ Rapid Spin (Petra's special)
Items: 35 gil, equipped items, pocket knife, flint & steel
Equipment -
Head: N/A
Earings: N/A
Necklace: N/A
Chest: Garrison Shirt
Gauntlets: N/A
Gloves: Cloth Gloves (+2 Gas)
Blades: Blades Forged with Love (received as a gift from father, who is a blacksmith. +4 Blade)
3D Belt: Standard Issue 3DMG
Pants: Jeans
Footwear: Leather shoes

So basically long story short, level up your Main Stats by playing the game/earning Skill Points from RPing, and everything else you can calculate of those + whatever your items give you. Leveling any Main Stat to 5 will unlock it's relative special, allowing you to use it. Here is a basic description of each Main Stat:

Endurance: Governs Speed. Ability to quickly cover terrain on foot. Increased by running during games, and quickly increased by slaying titans without using any gas. Extra Endurance allows extra sets of blades to be carried, and high levels will increase the rate at which your body regenerates from damage. Relative special: Metabolic Boost (Sasha's special)

Strength: Increases Bladed durability by striking the Titan harder. Developed by dealing heavy damage. Increases the weight allowing for items, and high levels will even allow you to survive other wise crushing attacks. Relative special: Blade Drop (Mikasa's special)

Intelligence: Reduces Gas usage. Increased by collecting many emblems, developing tactics, and spending time training other members. High levels will increase stat points gained from non-MainStat/Equipment sources and lead to extra revelations during the story, as well as increased medical effectiveness. Relative special: Diversion (Marco's special)

Agility: Increases Air Speed. Allows for special moves using the cables. Increased by using special moves to kill Titans and performing well on obstacle courses. Required for many pieces of equipment. Relative special: Spincut (Levi's special)

These are pretty simple - you buy or find items, equip, and get stat boosts. If you would like your items to be visually shown, I recommend using Dan's Mod in order to upload custom skins, and the texture will be created for you/given to you when you purchase/find the item. Example of possible items include specialized gas tanks that change how your gas looks, swords that look pretty frickin' nifty, jewelry, new clothes, etc. etc.

New Specials
Spare Parts - Repair any set of broken 3DMG and allow everyone nearby to reload blades once. Cooldown: 1 min & Reload equipment at Main Station. Combines with: Escape, Blade Drop, Crowd Control, Diversion

First Aid - Heal the limbs of any person on the field, and restore 1 of their HP. Cooldown: 2 min & Reload equipment at Main Station. Combines with: Crowd Control, Diversion, Blade Drop, Resuscitation

Glorious Speech - For the next 60 seconds, you and all nearby players gain 50% extra points for kills. Combines with: Anything basic

Glory Hound - Passively gain 10% extra points from kills during games. Combines with: Anything basic

Undying Fighting Spirit: At 0 HP, all injuries/damages are healed and HP is restored to full. Cooldown: Once per game. Combines with: Anything basic

Resuscitation: Revive the body of any teamate who has suffered Final Death. Takes 30 seconds to perform, and must be started before the body disappears from the map. Cooldown: 3 min & Reload equipment at Main Station. Combines with: Escape, Blade Drop, Crowd Control, Diversion, First Aid

Level Up System
To increase your stat points, there are a few methods. First, gaining personal points in a round - these act as direct experience points. Second, anyone who played in a game all have their final points added and averaged, and these points are also added to your experience pool. I haven't decided to how many points for each level yet, we'll figure that out. Upon level up, you'll receive a new skill point to increase your stats with. There will also eventually be various missions and achievements that will also gain you exp. points, so long as you complete them with a fellow RP'er.

All specials have to be unlocked somehow, other than Rapid Spin. Read here to see how!

Rapid Spin - Start
Spincut - 5 Agility
Blade Drop - 5 Strength
Diversion - 5 Intelligence
Metabolic Boost - 5 Endurance
Escape - Save a teamate from being eaten 10 different times
Crowd Control - Keep a Titan's attention while a teamate kills it 20 different times.
Spare Parts - 3 Strength, 3 Agility, 3 Endurance, 3 Intelligence
First Aid - 3 Strength, 3 Endurance, 5 Intelligence
Glorious Speech - Give a glorious speech with a group of teamates before a battle, and have everyone survive. Alternatively, reach Squad Leader status.
Glory Hound - Hit 5 1k+ hits in a row.
Unyielding Fighting Spirit - Be reduced to 0 HP, then proceed to kill 10 Titans without having First Aid used and before any of your HP naturally regenerate.
Resuscitation - 7 Intelligence, 5 Strength, 5 Endurance, at least 25 uses of First Aid

11/04/2014, 23:13 - RP is now officially up and running, link is up further in the post. Have fun guys!
11/02/2014, 19:20 - Added the "Items" subsection, and added a link to the actual roleplay thread.
10/28/2014, 17:53 - Added the Character Sheet Thread, and a link to it here in this thread under Character Sheet, added the Level Up System, and Unlockables sections
10/28/2014, 16:45 - Fixed some typos, also added a mod that allows you to see remaining Titan HP, like health bars; added name of the server I host
10/28/2014, 15:08 - Updated with Game Mechanics. Hopefully the game is fully explained now, and we can start RPing once a few people join and in IC thread is made.
10/28/2014, 11:20 - Made first post, still have to write up specific game mechanics.
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Re: 31st Stohess Garrison - InGame OC RP

Postby The Rogue Titan » Tue Oct 28, 2014 9:41 pm

This sounds so fucking fun.

Character Sheet
Name: Tido
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Home District: Shinganshina
Branch: Survey Corps
Rank: Private
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Appearance: Medium dark brown hair, fit, almost always looks tired.

Personality: Aggressive, impulsive, vengeful, easily angered, friendly to anyone who's friendly back.
Biography: A strong-willed soldier Hell-bent on the survival of Humanity. He would do anything to save lives and help the Survey Corps reach their goal in discovering the secrets of the Titans and sending them back to Hell. He has a strong sense of brotherhood. Comrades are as family to him. And would die for them.
When wall Maria was attacked, his mother and father; both part of the Garrison, had disobeyed their captain's orders in order to save their son's life. They evacuated him safely and soundly, and when Tido arrived in Trost, he waited for years. But they never returned. The last words his mother told him was that they love him and to never lose hope. So that's what drives him. His hope that one day, no child would have to feel like he felt for all those years. He joined the Trainee Corps and trained vigorously until he was a well-built machine of Titan Destruction. Or so he thought... Nothing could prepare him for the horrors that are "The Titans".

Why you would like to RP with us: Because this sounds super freaking fun. I love roleplaying in games and there are quite a few servers who do it, but nobody in those are ever very serious so it takes away from the awesomeness. I've been waiting for something like this for so long. O_O
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Re: 31st Stohess Garrison - InGame OC RP

Postby Accelevi » Tue Oct 28, 2014 10:06 pm

how are things like the specials going to be implemented?

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Re: 31st Stohess Garrison - InGame OC RP

Postby Terramort » Tue Oct 28, 2014 10:23 pm

@The Rogue Titan: Excellent, glad you like it! Your char page looks pretty nifty, I'll add you to the list of RP'ers. :D

@Accelevi: Most things will have to be honor system. To use the First Aid special, for example, you'd just type "Special: First Aid" or "*uses First Aid to patch up Kyzer's arm*" or what have you while facing Kyzer. They are mostly there to allow variance in character builds, as well as add another way to interact with the odd stats added by the RP, like Hit Points and items.

@Everyone: Updated the OP with how the game mechanics work while in the game, including leveling up and how to acquire some of the specials. Those familiar with D&D or other stat point games like that will understand straight away how it works.

Re: 31st Stohess Garrison - InGame OC RP

Postby Accelevi » Wed Oct 29, 2014 12:04 am

i thought there was another mod with stuff like that
and i was just like
i never heard of that

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Re: 31st Stohess Garrison - InGame OC RP

Postby Terramort » Wed Oct 29, 2014 12:58 am

Yeah, it's be pretty cool is someone could create a mod to mimic these sorts of functions, but I figure an honor system will hopefully work for now, if everyone really wants to play. Also, added the Character Sheet Thread, and updated the post a little bit. viewtopic.php?f=52&t=8751

Re: 31st Stohess Garrison - InGame OC RP

Postby Yuvalis » Fri Oct 31, 2014 1:36 pm

looks cool, even though id probably forget the rules while playing :D
where do i post my character?

Re: 31st Stohess Garrison - InGame OC RP

Postby Terramort » Fri Oct 31, 2014 3:49 pm

Dun worry, it sounds much more complicated then it really is. Basically, just make your character and follow the custom rules, and then between games just level up and get new skills 'n stat points. :D You can post your character either here for approval, or you can go ahead and post right into viewtopic.php?f=52&t=8751 if you've RP'ed before and know what you are doing.

Re: 31st Stohess Garrison - InGame OC RP

Postby Cyrus » Mon Nov 03, 2014 1:38 am

Wasn't certain on it so I moved it here:

Character Sheet V1
Name: Cyrus Alvadel
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Home District: NA
Branch: Garrison
Rank: Private
Ethnicity: Caucasain with some unknown (hispanic) decent.
Apperance: Light brown hair, intense stair, light facial hair. 5'10", wearing a standard issue uniform.

Personality: Stubborn enough to disobey orders if he believes it necessary, but smart enough to know when that time has come. Willing to risk limb and life to help others, Cyrus wants nothing more than to protect those around him. Can become enraged from watching Titans devour his friends. Nevertheless, he takes his job seriously and will focus on protecting the innocent, even at the cost of his life or the lives of the soldiers around him.

Biography: Born in a small hunting village somewhere in wall Maria, Cyrus was always quick on his feet. Spotting for his family on their hunting trips when he was young, he was forced to take over the shooting when his sister left to join the military. Intending to join the military himself, he begged his sister for tips and tricks regarding 3DMG and titan killing in general. When his family received news that his sister had died in an expedition beyond the walls, he left with a few gifts from his parents to join the military. Initially wanting to join the survey corps, Cyrus eventually grew to disagree with their methods and ideology, and instead joined the garrison. Graduating 2nd in his class, Cyrus distinguished himself by being one of the only soldiers to kill not one but two titans during the Shingangshina incident. Shortly after that, the powers that be reassigned him to the Stohess district, where he sat bored and frustrated with the stupidity of the government. Convinced that the government reassigned him further in just to protect their useless selves, Cyrus grew disillusioned and was tempted to join the Survey Corps to retake wall Maria. Then he heard about the Trost incident. After hearing of Eren, Cyrus resumed intense trainging, preparing to join the Survey Corps to assist in their pursuit of retaking wall Maria, convinced they now had a chance. He was talking to his superior officers when they received the report of the two titans fighting in the city. Disgusted at Commander Erwin Smith's disregard for civilian life, Cyrus dropped his request to join the Survey Corps, and now wonders what to do while he watches humanity crumble.

Availability: Not certain yet, schedule is weird. I should be able to come around once a week at least for sure though.

Why you would like to RP with us: This always seems like a silly question, but it's cause I used to be an RP junkie back in my Warcraft III days, and I would love to get back into RP. The AOT theme is a bonus!

Cyrus Alvadel: Private
1 HP
0 End 75 Speed
0 Str 75 Blade
1 Int 76 Gas
3 Agi 78 Acceleration
Current Special: Rapid Spin
Items: 10 gil, Standard Issue Equipment, small knife previously owned by his father, "Lucky" necklace from his mother.
Equipment -
Head: N/A
Earrings: N/A
Necklace: N/A
Chest: Garrison Shirt + Jacket
Gauntlets: N/A
Gloves: N/A
Blades: Standard Blades
3D Belt: Standard Issue Belt
Pants: Standard Issue Pants
Footwear: Standard Issue Boots

Re: 31st Stohess Garrison - InGame OC RP

Postby Terramort » Mon Nov 03, 2014 3:03 am

Excellent! Glad to have another RPer on board. Character sheet looks perfect, all that's left is to copy/paste it to the other thread.

Alright, players are starting to come together. We have 3 now, possibly 4 - if you guys want, we can go ahead and start the In-Character thread and get the story rolling!


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