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Postby Strongwill » Tue Feb 04, 2014 8:03 am

Romaji: Watashi to kurosudoresshingukafearubaito
English: Me and the Cross dressing cafe part time job
Genre: Slice of life, comedy, harem (?), a bit of romance and maybe several fan services

Short Synopsis:
Yoshiaga Yasuda is your normal teenage boy, with a normal high school live too. One day, however, he accidentally throw away several limited edition Yaoi manga that his sister, Yoshiaga Yuki, collected.
Yuki then forced her brother Yasuda to compensate it. Yasuda then desperately look for a part time job to repay his debt. Fortunately, he is accepted to work in a cafe that pays well. Unfortunately for him, it is a cross-dressing (also well known as "Danso") cafe!

Chapter 1:
It was another lazy day for me, Yoshiaga Yasuda.

But without me knowing, after today my boring high school life will be changed.

Today is Saturday, and i had nothing to do.

No date.
No group meeting.

Yamamoto is away in a trip with his friend, and i can’t simply call Rin-chan and asked her too meet me somewhere.
It’s 2 PM already, and i’m getting bored.
Seeing that i had nothing to do today, however, my mom gives me a simple task that will start everything.

“Yasuda,” She called me from the kitchen. “You don’t have anything to do today, don’t you? Can you help me?”


“Clean up your room. Throw away the unnecessary things.” She continued. “Oh, and your sister’s room too.”

“Yuki can do it by her self later.” I complained, while lazily stands up from the couch. I turned off the TV. “And she told me once not to enter her room without her permission.”

“Well, i give you want right now.” My mom insisted. “Cleaning up her room or not having a hamburger steak as dinner tonight?”

My back straightened at once. Hamburger steak. My favorite food, especially if my mom was the one who cooked it. Without saying anything else, i went out of the living room and dashed through the stairs. I have decided that i will clean my sister’s room first.
I knocked at her door, and waited for a minute until i remember that she was away today. She went to Akihabara with her friends, i recalled. Yuki’s friend come and went into her room, then after a hour or so they left the house. She said something about an anime event or something like that.
I opened the door.
Her room looked normal. Poster of a famous music group, her bed, her wardrobe, her computer, a television. The usual stuff. Yoshiaga Yuki is older than me, she is in the last year of high school. We went to the same school, by the way. Her room is neat and clean, and i can’t find anything to be thrown away. I checked the trash bin, it’s empty. But next to it, i see a small cardboard box.

I never see it before. Maybe something that Yuki’s friend left behind? But if it placed next to the small trash bin, that it means she wanted to throw it away, right? I sit in the floor and pull it out, and then position it in front of me.

What could this be? I wondered, as i opened the box. Books with black cover. Whoa is Yuki’s friend an occultist? Or it is Yuki her self?

I opened the book, curious of what is inside.


[Ah—Senpai] A boy hugged a seemingly older male. Both wears a school uniform. [I love you]
[No,] The older male, black haired and wear a glasses, pushed him away. [We can’t be together]
[I don’t care about what they say about us, Senpai!] The younger male cried. [You are the one i love!]
[Ah!] The older male exclaimed. He hug the boy in the next manga panel. [Actually-! I-I love you too, more than anything!]


I closed the book.
What did i just read?
That manga... He have heard about it before. Boy Love? BL? Yaoi?
I took another book from inside the box.


[I cannot allow you to take him!] A boy angrily punched another boy. [He is mine! And mine alone!]
[Snap out of it!] The boy who just get punched punch back. [Are you blind?! He is clearly has fallen for me!]


The next book is also a BL. The next one too. The next one, and the next one too.
Carefully, i put the books back at the cardboard box.
This couldn't possibly be my sister’s, I nod to reassure my self. Maybe she mistakenly buy these in a comic sale, and after realizing that these are BL manga, she wanted to throw it away. But then her friends came in and she had to hide these somewhere, so she put them inside this cardboard box.
Then i better throw it away, right?


I had just finished my dinner and about to walk back to my room when someone aggressively grabbed me. Yuki pulled me into her room, and after locking the door from inside she grabbed my shirt and pull me close.
Her brown long hair is messy, and her room is in state of chaos. Her wardrobe is open, and there is a lot of stuff scattered in the floor. She held me so close until i can smell her shampoo and soap.

“Where is it!?” Her brown-black eye looked at me in panic. “Where is it!?”

“What- What do you mean?!”

“The cardboard box!” She cried. “Don’t tell me mom throw it away!”

“No she didn’t.” I replied. “I did.”


“Those manga,” i started to explain my self. “You mistakenly buy them in a sale, right? So i throw it away from you-“

“Yasuda, you damn fool!” She said. “Those-Those are my most precious collection!”


“The limited edition of ˹Senpai, Look At Me˼, the limited fan-book of ˹Boys High School˼, then ˹Royal Rumble˼!” I see Yuki rolling in the floor in despair. “You fooolllllll!!!”

“I’m sorry!” I throw my self to the floor, knelled and bowing at her (Dogeza). “I’m very sorry!!”

“As long as you buy me a new one,” She stopped rolling and look at me in the eye. “I will forgive you.”

Before i could give an answer, she leaped from the floor and went to turn on her computer. She sit in the chair and right after her computer have started perfectly she went straight to open the Net. She opened a website named ˹GoodItem˼, an online shop apparently. With a speed of lighting, she took out a small note and typed in a book title in the search tab. She writes down their price. I stood there, watching her writing down each of the book current Net price and then calculate them all together.

“You can compensate by buying me the new ones!” She said, cheerfully. I braced my self. “The current Net price for everything that you thrown out today is 20.000 Yen!”
My jaw dropped. My current allowance is 5000 Yen each month. Even with my current saving, i cannot afford to pay it all at once.

“That many!” I exclaimed. “Are you sure!?”

“Well, they are limited editions after all. I even lost several nice doujinshi that is considered as rare now.” Yuki pouted. “Lucky you that some people sell them at the Net.”

“But-But my allowance-!”

“You can give me the money by the end of the year.” She replied. “That, if the price in the Net is not yet increased.”

It will take me at least two year to pay everything with my current allowance and savings. I can’t do that. I have decided that i will take a part time job, anything is fine.

The next Sunday, i wake up early and look for part time job vacancy in a local shopping district.
I am almost convicted that there is no part time job left for me, even at the mini markets, when i see it.
It was a part time vacancy in a fancy looking cafe. The vacancy notice board is displayed in the front door, hung just right below the "CLOSED" sign. Escort, is the name of the cafe. It is still closed, as i see in a board that their opening hours is from 4 PM to 9 PM during the weekdays and 1 PM to 10 PM during the weekends. This perfectly fits my schedule.

I type down the link in the notice. To be quiet honest, i didn't read the requirements until the end. I only read the age requirement and what do i need to send (a close up and a full body picture of me) and where to sent the applications.

I received a notification that i will later be notified via e-mail if i got accepted.

Who knows that my carelessness will bring spice up my boring daily life?

Chapter 2:

“So your sister force you to pay? Compensating everything that you have thrown away?”
I nod weakly. “20.000 Yen, man! That lot!”
Yamamoto Kenji laughed at me. Carefree as usual. “Well, best of luck!”
“Kenji, don’t be so mean!” Hikawa Rin said. She playfully slap his back. “You will do the same don’t you? Looking for stuff like part time job and such.”
As Kenji laughed again, she looked at me and asked. “So, what kind of part time job will you take?”
“A waiter.” I answered, while checking my mail box. No answer yet. “I just sent my application yesterday, and the reply mail said that they will sent me an e-mail when they accepted me.”

“Ah! Best of luck then!” Rin-chan smiled. “If you get accepted, don’t forget to tell us, okay? We will visit your workplace!”
“Anyway, what kind of things cost you that much?” Kenji asked, and looked at me playfully.
Ah yes, i didn't tell them about that. And i have decided that i will never tell them about that.
“Dunno,” I lied. “I just take some trash-like stuff, and who knows that they are actually that important!”
Kenji laughed, this time Rin-chan joined him.

“Well, that teach you to check or ask first, Yasuda.” Rin-chan said.
I smiled. They managed to cheer me up a little bit.
How long i have been their friends? Kindergartens?
Come to think of it, they are my only friends around. Not many people interested on being my friend. I don’t know why. Kenji said that i emitted this “Come closer and you shall be dead” aura. That couldn't be possible. Rin-chan told me that i might be because i didn't join any club activities. I did once. I quit after “that accident”.

<<pi pi pi pi>>

My phone mail notification! Good timing!
Hurriedly, i checked my mail box and found this e-mail:

˹To: Yoshiaga Yasuda,
We invite you for a Interview session.
The Interview session will take place in the third floor of the ‘Escort’ cafe this Saturday, during the working hour. Please put in your best performance.
You are forbidden to enter the cafe through the front door, and could find the back door entrance in the left side of the building, inside an alley. Showing this e-mail will give you a permission to enter.˼

“I got it!” I yelled happily. “I get it!”
“Whoa! You got accepted?” Kenji asked enthusiastically. “Dude, that’s awesome!”
“Congratulations, Yasuda-kun!”
“Well, not yet.” I showed them the e-mail. “They invite on a interview session. I’m one step closer, at least.”

The school bell rings, signalling that the recess period have ended. Kenji and Rin-chan stand up and waved at me. They are, sadly, is not in the same class as mine.
I put my phone in the pocket and tapped on it lightly. Man, i can’t wait for Saturday! I wonder what should i wear?

Chapter 3:
Surprise~ It's not released yet!
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Re: 私とクロスドレッシングカフェアルバイト

Postby Accelevi » Tue Feb 04, 2014 8:12 pm

This could be interesting.
I'd like to see how this turns out.
It's sort of a hairline idea I guess.

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Re: 私とクロスドレッシングカフェアルバイト

Postby Strongwill » Wed Feb 05, 2014 12:10 pm

Chp 1 released
Pardon the bad english. Any help on fixing the grammar and verb are welcomed

Re: 私とクロスドレッシングカフェアルバイト

Postby Strongwill » Thu Feb 06, 2014 3:19 pm

Chapter 2 updated
I received an input from a friend of mine, he complained that the first chapter is too long. So i shorten them up a bit

ps: dang where is the reader? give me your input about the story so far. Too short? Too long? xD

Re: 私とクロスドレッシングカフェアルバイト

Postby Doge » Fri Feb 21, 2014 1:07 pm

but it sounds good, nonetheless.

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