Short AoT Piece

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Short AoT Piece

Postby Terminus » Wed Oct 15, 2014 3:53 am

So this site I frequent had an writing contest, so I decided to write something AoT related.

A short breath of cool, springtime air, before inertia sent him barreling right back into the fray. There were three of them. Three fifty-foot high misshapen humanoid monsters. It was impossible for him to believe that just half an hour earlier he’d been ready to break for lunch and now was in danger of being eaten himself. Weaving in and out between the grotesque behemoths, expertly reeling in and out, firing his hooks again and again. Maneuvering behind the tallest of the three, he reeled in, slicing at the Titan’s nape with twin blades, functionally killing the creature. Momentum sent him crashing into the shortest, and he pushed off of its hot, dry skin before he could fall to his death, or worse, be grabbed.

As he circled around the remaining pair, waiting for his chance to ascend to the napes, he observed a titan the length of four men with a hideously misshapen face climbing onto a red-shingled roof on all fours. He launched a hook upwards and began reeling in, but overshot, swung around, and missed being bitten in two by a matter of feet. As he vented a large amount of gas to send himself flying away from the titan, he became acutely aware of just how little gas he had left in his tanks, but he dared not go refill for fear of the damage the titans might do. Gassing upwards, he resolved to go refuel once he’d killed one of the remaining two. He prepared to shoot a hook to reel himself in towards the nape but the trigger jammed! He panicked and launched his second, but it overshot and hit the Titan’s shoulder, only staying put long enough to change the angle of his momentum before tearing free. Spinning at an angle towards a nearby row of red-roofed houses, he saw the short, misshapen titan scuttling towards him on all fours like a demented spider. In vain, he tried to vent what was left of his gas in an attempt to push himself a bit further, but no luck. The sounds of breaking tile grew nearer and nearer, and he saw the misshapen fiend get ready to pounce. A gust of hot dry air, a ring of tombstone teeth, a wet, sickening crunch, then--

If the sentence structure looks weird, it's meant to be a series of thoughts and sensations.


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