1 Titan Left and Fidgeting Titans

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1 Titan Left and Fidgeting Titans

Postby turtletots » Sun May 18, 2014 6:13 pm

Ok so when i play annie, every time we take her down and kill all the titans the screen still says "1 Titan Left". This happened on every match that I've played on and i wasn't ever able to complete one match of Annie 2 without the "1 TITAN LEFT". Also sometimes when i play there are titans Fidgeting/Shaking, and then when i stick one hook in them and reel in, my character starts going crazy as i reel in more. My character reels in and out uncontrollably and when i decided to strike i make 1k's very easily. I made a 2.2k today with the fidgeting titan.


Re: 1 Titan Left and Fidgeting Titans

Postby IG_42 » Sun May 18, 2014 11:25 pm

I personally prefer "Vibro-Titan" but yes this a siginificant issue.
Making contact with these titans at any real speed results in being pinged off in a random direction.

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