Stuck in spectator mode?

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Stuck in spectator mode?

Postby Array » Sun May 25, 2014 10:48 pm

So I was casually playing Forest III on Hard, and all of the sudden I got booted from my game. I was thrown into spectator mode with no option to select a character or anything. The wave was 1 but there were no titans. Here's a picture:
There is no character selected I'm assuming, because there is no skill at the bottom. Also in the top left corner it says PeerCreated, which is what it says on the title screen when you haven't connected to a server. I also noticed that the time ticks backwards? I was locked into my camera mode, TPS, and could not change it, so I had to press ESC to make my cursor show up to take the picture.

(In regards to the picture, I'm not using a modded client I just don't have the full page in there. I have a picture of the full page if you need to see it o-e)


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