Long-Range hooks?

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Re: Long-Range hooks?

Postby MJRmasqu3rade » Thu Jun 12, 2014 9:37 pm

TheGreatJedi wrote:Now that i think about it Long range hooks are not bugs except that over 120 limit

when your character is moving fast so does your hooks
then the thing where your hooks came from will also move therefore lengthening the hook range in the direction you are moving so its like your hooks can go further the further the 3DMG goes

its like
Includes Equations
Character speed + Base hook speed = New hook speed
3DMG position + 120 in cursor length = Maximum range
3DMG final position + 120 length = Final Range your hooks can reach
Character position after the hook animation + 120 length = Maximum range from the initial position to the final position
your position is 210ft away from your hook target. Your moving 20ft/s. hook animation time 5 secs(Sample)
20ft/s x 5 secs = final position after hook animation (100ft)
Final position after hook animation (100ft) + (120ft) (Hook base range) = Maximum range your hooks can reach (220Ft) Therefore it will connect
But the bug is hook range should shrink when hook at the opposite direction (I kinda like this bug so i wish it wasn't fixed) same as the equation above except it will deduct

Yeah, I must admit, I have started getting kind of used to this bug too :P and I'd say it's still kind of a bug, cause Noodler summed it up pretty well I think. Hooks usually only move 120 because that's how long they're out after fired, but with more hook speed on character speed it'll go further than the limit.



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