T-t-triple Kill

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T-t-triple Kill

Postby Someone Legit » Sun Jul 20, 2014 1:03 am

Bug No.1

Autistic Jumpers

Well, not exactly autistic, but bugged I think. And annoying as hell. The bug goes as this
>Fly above a jumper's head (only seen it on tiny ones, but I almost never go above a large one's head so........)
>He acts like a normal abnormal (EG : You're awkwardly killing a 15meter, he's under you and just keeps flopping)
>Some time later, if you go above him again, he jumps. Because jumpers are assholes.

Experienced it twice in one (solo MP) match, guildie reported same thing when I mentioned it
Bug No.2

Plains map score still bugged

Hmmmm, I was checking twice for good measure, seems it doesn't always happen.
Bug goes like this
>Plains map, score has been changed (meaning people, titans, or both have died)
>MC leaves
>Map restarts yet scores do not

I double-checked this bug by opening a new tab in my own laptop, maybe that had something to do with it .-.
Or maybe it only happens under some conditions '-'
it'd be cool if anyone could tell me if that's happened to them as well
(And yes, I'm sure that bug occured, Yona left and I only had to kill like 4 titans to win the game xD)
Bug No.3

Post End-of-Time Game

A bit reluctant to let this one out, I really wanted to test how it works but that'd take time, patience, energy, other people willing to waste all those three by my side while we run out tests xD
Plus I'm lazy as hell
The best way to experience this bug (more of a glitch I think, it's more appropriate) is to create a one-man server that's supposed to last one minute.
You fly around there or kill as many titans as 60 seconds allow and then, the time ends.
Make sure you're still when the time ends, so you don't drift.
Now use your wasd to reveal yourself behind the scoreboard xD
But it'd be boring to let it end there, wouldn't it?
What if you, for example, suicided?
And then chose a new char and respawned?
Now that's more interesting >:D

Glitch Guide 101
1: First up game ends, scoreboard appears, you can still move and do whatever.
2: Suicide, and consequently choose a new char (or the same) and respawn
3: Your camera WILL be frozen, meaning you're gonna have a bird eye's view at best
4: To fix 3, simply press 1 and then press it again. It'll get the respawn selection off your screen and put you in "spectator" mode
5: When you respawn, your camera will be frozen again, and it will also always turn North (or South, idk)
6: Have fun, if you can xD
Field of Eternity Known Rules

1: You CAN kill titans
2: Almost nothing from the UI will update, including Titans and Waves, meaning progressing to the new wave should be impossible
3: You cannot die by any and all attacks, therefore the grab will result in an endless and excruciating animation
4: Does work in MP, but certain people don't respawn (maybe because of timing), and modded clients get a normal camera viewpoint
5: All of the controls work, aside from the Pause button, meaning you can even turn to Titan Eren
6: When the first MC leaves after the time has ended, the clock starts going negative (and the UI updates I think)(something happens, but I can't remember)

Teh End

That's all for now, I can't remember any more bugs, or anything more about them x)
Feel free to give me any information you can on the Field of Eternity (wow such naming skillz wow) btw, can never go wrong with too much info :D
Someone Legit


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