Custom Character Stats

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Custom Character Stats

Postby Kyonko » Thu Oct 02, 2014 2:07 pm

So in this last update, Feng made it so your custom character settings are saved to your computer. The problem is, all it takes is a simple hex editor to edit the values and easily give you ridiculous stats.

What tipped me off was that just right after the release, some guildmates were saying how they were getting Levi or Mikasa stats on their custom characters by using their presets. Feng patched it quickly, but the stat changes still persist.

This just makes it much easier for hackers to abuse. It only took 5 minutes to find where it is and how it is being read. I'm not going to say how its done but just throwing it out there.

Feng either needs to do some kind of encryption on the file, or make it so the game checks to see if the stats are valid or not and fix them, which would not be that hard at all and probably the better way. (check to see if they all add up to 400 and no stat is below 75 or above 125)


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