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AoTTG Stories(

Postby HaganeNoTema » Sun Oct 19, 2014 1:26 pm

on this post you can share your adventures and other epic, awful, annoying and funny stories about the game.

here is one mine that happenned 2 hours ago
Lurking arround

>Be me
> 6:45am
>Start a 40 min game called "Hagane's Loli" in US
>Forest 2
>No one joins until i get wave 7
>Ninja modder
>hit 300k
>about kicking him
>he left
>alone again
>wave 14
>2 guys joins at the same time
>one(g) tells me "restart"
>me: "can't"
>g:"`press T"
>me: no
>g: k faggot
>g left the server
>wave 16
>alone with the other guy( N )
>me: "sup"
>just lurking
>N: Can i join?
>me: ye
>N: yeeeeeei
>me: "wanna wait?"
>N: "k"
>3 titan cluster in middle the map
> stucked in their heads
>Accidentally gas burst
>go to refill gas
>wave 18
>just average
>wave 19
>10fps until i kill 7 titans
>N left the server
>wave 20
>titan A(crawler) spawns behind me
>i run around the map until it get stucked in a tree
>titan B(titan on the SS) is behind the tree
>1 runs towards an horde of stupid naked gigant people
>i'm in his back
>kill A with 40
>titan C(little jumper) appears
>accidentally i fly up him
>lucky dodge
>i realized that my swords and gas are out
>go to refil
>16 titan cluster in middle the map
>C runs to me
>he is alone
>trying to perform an equator
>is not effective
>10-13 fps
>trying to run behind a tree and then try advantage to the cluster
>i noticed a stucked titan
>is B
>trying to kill him with AE
>is not effective
>trying an hydra
>is not effective
>trying a vector
>is not effective
>cluster is pretty close to me
>3 jumps
>lucky dodge
>the cluster is stuck in the trees
>trying to perform a vector on B again
>is effective
>oh wait
>C jumps to me
>he can't got me cuz he is behind B
>oh wait
>i'm stucked on B's hitbox
>B perform grab from the floor
>is not effective
>C jumps toward B
>hitbox bug
>i'm alive inside the titan
>i'm scared
>B performs a head grabbing
>is not effective
>cluster is coming again
>i perform gas burst
>is effective
>B perform back grabbing
>is super effective


Re: AoTTG Stories(

Postby trueblue1321 » Sun Oct 19, 2014 1:40 pm

This was beautiful. From start to finish, every single green text of it.
GG Hagane.

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