Wallrun Lock

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Wallrun Lock

Postby Joseph Joestar » Thu Feb 05, 2015 9:57 pm

So lately, it seems like changes to manuevering and all that's been beating on wallrunning a little bit. I can't really get behind having to release ALL directions to wallkick (just the one used seems fine but i made a topic about that already), but it seems to be intentional enough and not too bad...

Ever since the last update, though, I've scarcely been able to wallrun at all... Little experimentation brings it to light that wallrunning is apparently disabled if you hold down the gas key now? That reliably seems to be the case, and while the last one was likely intentional, I can't see this being anything other than a bug... And if it's not, it certainly makes wallrunning an incredibly out of the way thing to do; You can't control your aerial momentum at all without holding down the gas key, so it's scarcely plausible to even move into the wall to wallrun!

So, if it's a glitch, there you go, would appreciate it if you guys could get to that. If not, could this get moved to suggestions? Because the whole thing's just a little bit awful, and it's really sad to not be able to pull all those fancy (and lifesaving!) wall-run/kick manuevers.
Joseph Joestar


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